About Pallet Services, Inc.

Since its beginning Pallet Services, Inc. has grown to be the largest pallet recycling company in the Pacific Northwest. With over 120 employees and 4 locations, Pallet Services exists to meet or exceed your pallet needs.

Our business profile is SERVICE which is rapid, on time, as needed and with a backup capability that is comparable with today's requirements of "just in time" delivery.

Our Service Area extends all along the I-5 corridor from the lower mainland of British Columbia to Eugene, OR. Our market also includes the I-90 corridor from Seattle through Sand Point, ID and the I-82 corridor from Pendleton, OR to Boise, ID. A fleet of eighteen diesel tractors and one hundred fifty trailers allow full coverage of this region; contract haulers make up the balance of our shipment capabilities.

The hallmark of Pallet Services, Inc. has been and is response. Our communication system allows for instant contact with drivers with immediate regrouping and rescheduling.